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 IPC technical programs are developed by members for members.

Globally accepted IPC industry standards streamline communication between suppliers, manufacturers, assemblers and their customers.

More than 100 member volunteer committees are developing/updating standards and specifications by building industry consensus.

Use the IPC Online Presentation Library to access technical and industry related audio slide presentations.

IPC has published more than 2,800 technical papers and 300 standards.

Online technical forums help participants get answers quickly.

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Members can request one complimentary copy of each new standard within 90 days of publication.

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Make a booking for a chief IPC trainer to provide on-site or remote advisory on issues relating to the application of standards. 

IPC member exhibitors at IPC events receive discounts on exhibit space.

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Members have an open account with IPC: Purchase orders will be accepted, orders shipped and invoiced to IPC member sites.

"IPC is rich in information for the electronics Industry, lots of studies of new and emerging technologies."

Beatriz Bennett, Quality Manager, Lockheed Martin